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Flora Cruft -  MA, Adv.Dip.Ex.Psych.

Psychotherapist & Counsellor - UKCP reg.


Welcome to the online page for the

South West Existential Psychotherapy

Alliance (SWEPA).

The aim of SWEPA is to provide a free network for existential psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors, students and others in the South West interested in the existential approach.

Members are offered:

• Contact with a network of existentially informed practitioners, students and other interested individuals.

• Annual email newsletter

• Annual network meetings

• Private practice referrals (if the member is a qualified registered professional)

• Workshops

We aim to:

• promote greater awareness and understanding of the existential approach in the South West

• offer mutual support and dialogue between like-minded practitioners, students and others interested in the approach

• create a referral system between like-minded practitioners

• offer opportunities for continuing personal and professional


SWEPA is an offshoot of the internationally renowned Society for Existential Analysis (SEA), and promotes the SEA’s events in London as well as workshops by existential practitioners in the South West.

Below are some examples of the kind of themes that existential psychotherapy may help us to reflect on and clarify in order to understand the context of the problems and challenges we face as human beings:

• What does it mean to be alive?

• What are the possibilities that my life presents me with?

• What is my relationship to myself, to other people and the world  in general?

• What are my responsibilities to myself and to other people?

• What do I value and cherish dearly?

• What is the nature of the anxiety that I experience in my life?

• What are the assumptions and attributions that underpin my  thoughts and actions?

• What are the contradictions, discrepancies and paradoxes that  occur in my everyday life?

• What is my worldview – the way that I have constructed the  story of my life?

• What is my true potential?

• What would it be like to choose my own way of living?

(extract taken from the SEA website  www.existentialanalysis.co.uk)

For more information on how to join SWEPA, and to find an existential practitioner in your area, please contact Flora Cruft:

e-mail: floracruft@southwesttherapy.co.uk

tel: 01404 831 126 or 07816 894 435

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